以「theKEEPER」为主题, 我们为theMSLAN2019年春夏时装周,创造了超现实主义电影般荒诞的概念场景。在更为深入的联名合作中, 我们基于宏大的故事背景提出了Total Design「全设计」的创作逻辑。 theMSLAN团队开启系列核心服装产品的开发,我们负责构建完整的视觉系统和体验装置。通过推出Pop-up装置快闪,限量版联名产品,策展等多样化的主题联名创作,抽象的「theKEEPER」世界落地为真实可触的实体空间,人们在展览中进入“未来“,观看这些不可再生物品的活性时态,感受“失去的价值”所带来的生活启发。

With the theme "theKEEPER", we have created a surreal cinematically absurd concept scene for Themslan SPRING/Summer 2019 Fashion Week. In a more in-depth joint collaboration, we proposed the creative logic of Total Design based on the grand story background. TheMSLAN team starts the development of core clothing products, and we are responsible for building a complete visual system and experience device. Through pop-up installation pop-up, limited edition co-signed products, curation and other diversified theme co-created works, the abstract world of "theKEEPER" is turned into a real and tangible space. In the exhibition, people enter the "future", watch the active tenses of these non-renewable items, and feel the inspiration of life brought by "lost value".

Client: the mslan
Creative Direction: iso50
City: Shanghai

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